Automotive Grades
The following grades are available in package sizes of 210 litre drums and 15 litre tins. Please contact us for technical details and recommended products for your equipment.


Engine Oils

 Diesel Engine Oils:-

  Hylube HDX MG 20W40

   Hylube X3 10W 30,40,50

   Hylube MTU 40

   HP Laal Ghoda 20W40

   HP Milcy Power 15W40

   HP Pumpset Oil(LG)20W40

   HP Rail Road Oil 813M

   Hylube X3 10W(KB),30(KB)

   Hylube Milcy 30,40,50

   HP Rail Road oil 613


   HP MILCY Super 20W 40

   HP Rail Road Oil 713

   HP HYLUBE LL 15 W 40

   Hylube Extra 20W 40

   Hylube Rail Road Oil 817M

   HP Milcy Turbo Tech 15W40

Natural Gas Engine oil:-

 HP Natural Gas Engine Oil L40

 HP Natural Gas Engine Oil L15W 40

 HP Natural Gas Engine Oil A 40

 HP Natural Gas Engine Oil M 40

Petrol Engine oil:-

HP Extra Speed Motor oil 20w40

HP Extra Speed Motor Oil 20w50

HP Extra Speed Motor oil MG 20w40

HP Extra Speed Motor Oil MG 20w50

HP Cruise

HP Racer H

Gear Oils

HP Gear Oil EP 80W,90,140

HP Gear Oil EP 80W-90

HP Gear Oil EP 75W-90

HP Gear Oil XP 80W,90,140

HP Gear Oil XP 85W 140

HP Gear Oil XP 80W-90

Transmission Oils



HP Powerglide C410/430

HP Powerglide C310/330

HP Supertran

Auto Specilities

HP Thanda Raja

HP Koolgard

HP Koolgard P

HP Radiator Protector

HP S.D.Brake Fluid DOT3

HP S.D.Brake Fluid DOT4

HP Powerfluid TH 46

HP Powerfluid LTP-100

HP Shock Absorber Oil

HP Shock Absorber Oil AW

HP Shock Absorber Oil TELE

HP Shock Absorber Oil GB