Industrial Specialities
The following grades are available in package sizes of 210 litre drums and 15 litre tins. Please contact us for technical details and recommended products for your equipment.  


Metal Cutting Fluid

HP Koolkut 40,60,EP 66,70,80

HP Synthkool 100, 101

HP Trimofin 14,15,16,18,20,21,23,26,27,54,55,

Metal Rolling Oils

HP Rolmet N34

HP Rolmet 40

HP Rolmet v 45, v55

Quenching Oils

HP Metaquench 39,40,42,43,44,85,86

Rubber Process Oil

HP Elasto 165,245,255,541,590,710,715

Rust Preventives

HP Rustop 173, 184,274,276,285,286,287,S

Metal Drawing Compounds

HP Drawmet 15, 15s,22,44,66

Heat Transfer Fluids

HP Hytherm 500, 600

Special Application

HP Unipro 36

HP Unipro 37

HP Unipro 38

HP Conkote

HP Spray Oil E

HP Glamol 40

HP Cemol 35, N35